The first video game to bring next-generation gameplay and broadcast quality production to Texas Hold 'em Poker. Learn everything from the fundamentals to advanced strategies from poker's premiere player and refine your game against the world's most advanced artificial intelligence system before testing your skills in massive online tournaments.

With Stacked, gamers are consistently challenged as the AI constantly adapts to their playing style in real time. This forces players to learn from their own weaknesses and master the most important elements of No Limit Holdem, deception and perception . The AI system - aka Poki - is exclusively licensed to Stacked, and is the result of over ten years of university research in game theory, machine learning, and neural networks. Because of the Poki's high level of customization, players will find themselves going up against a vast array of computer player types.

Do you have what it takes to succeed at the highest levels of professional poker? Stacked's Career Mode puts you in the heart of the action as you begin your career as a rookie on the pro tour. Win your way into larger tournaments and build your own reputation amongst the best in the world. Play your cards right, and you'll be going all-in against Evelyn Ng and David WiIlliams at the final table.