In a terrible mishap, Spyro, Sparx and the Professor have inadvertently torn a hole in the fabric of space between the Rhynoc and Dragon Realms. Now, at the command of the elusive Ripto, droves of Rhynocs are pouring into the Dragon Realms in yet another attempt to make everyone miserable. Spyro must help the Professor close the hole quickly before the gate and Ripto's ego get too big and the two realms fuse together - permanently!


  • 14 new isometric lands introducing you to the home realms of all your favorite characters: Sheila, Bentley, Bianca, Sgt. Bird and even Moneybags.

  • RPG elements that offer more depth than previous Spyro titles, including quests, mini-quests, and a new inventory system, creating more ways to enjoy the Dragon Realms.

  • All new Spyro abilities - watch out for the Head-Butt Slam, Cyclone Attack, Phoenix Vision and more.

  • 3 playable characters in all new mini-games; in addition to Spyro, you can play as Agent 9 and Sgt. Bird.

  • Exciting new bonus game. Players can unlock a bonus level that allows players to go head-to-head with a GBA link cable.

  • Incredible new puzzles to solve! Analyze and make use of the special abilities of each land's indigenous creatures to explore fantastic new areas.