...a spider can! of course we know that but this time he's going to need help and from some unexpected sources! The Plot: A meteor enters the earths atmosphere. Big deal I hear you cry, but hold on there's more to it than that. It splinters on impact with the atmosphere and scatters fragments around the globe. Again no problem you'd think but wait! The meteor is monitored by S.H.I.E.L.D as the presence of an alien life form is detected. Venom perhaps? But no, creatures called Phantoms appear and as several characters come into contact with the shards, they find themselves under control by an alien menace. Now it's up to Spider-Man to go around the world, and face those that have come into contact with the alien entity. He faces such foes as the Scorpion, Doctor Octopus and the Rhino to name but three and finds himself making allies and some of those are unexpected indeed. Spidey will team with the Black Cat, Iron Fist and even some of the villains he defeats and frees from the alien influence. From New York, to Os Corp to as far away as Australia and Tibet, Spider-Man has his work cut out for sure. GAMEPLAY: The game plays like a sideways scrolling streets of rage style action platformer with the added bonus of boss battles. Smash through bad guys, collect tokens that can be used to improve web shooter skills, attributes etc etc and not just for Spider-Man but for his sidekicks as well. As you go you can unlock two player arenas and find DNA that unlocks bonus content in game. Smash boxes to find more tokens and collect power ups such as healing orbs, temporary invulnerability, double damage and others. These too can be bought with unspent tokens back on the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier, and it's here that you'll select sidekicks, upgrade skills, save the game and view any unlocked items. Items such as healing orbs can be activated by a simple press on the d-pad in the right direction, Oh before I forget, look for the blue spheres that enable the pairing on screen, unleash a street fighter style super combo that deals loads of damage. These are few and far between and can be bought at S.H.I.E.L.D HQ, but they cost a bit so bare that in mind. Fighting is handled through the X, Y,A,B buttons. The triggers don't have many functions here, right trigger blocks, left trigger has the function of being able to swap partners. To do this though you'll have to go back too the carrier and start the level again, so keep that in mind. Graphics: Not outstanding it has to be said. It looks like the WII super squad game but they are functionary and don't detract from the action. Sound: Decent combat sounds although ranged weapons sound a little tame. Vice talent Not too bad at all. Spider-Man has the usual one line quips and comes over a little cockier than normal. Lip synch on the game is a-okay. Nothing that will win gaming oscars but hey not too shabby. Music: Decent but not ground breaking. Overall this is a fun game suitable for a younger audience and still challenging enough for older gamers. Fun by yourself or with a partner, this is no Spider-Man 2 granted but it's still a fun game. Not perfect though. It's possible to sacrifice a life and lose some tokens whilst trying to claim a DNA sample. But this is a minor gripe and some boss battles will have you thinking about tactics so it's not all a simple case of button mashing. Give it a go. SCORE 6.5 out of 10