Heavily inspired by Space Station 13!

Live a robust life on a Space Station, grow plants, mutate them into new types of plants, mix different chemical reagents, and when you are ready, get out and explore outer space to acquire wealth by mining minerals on asteroids. Make sure to defend NanoTrasen(tm) station against Syndicate armed threat.Features and plans:
  • Botany - Harvest and evolve your plants into powerful and newer species. Turn tomato into irradiated bluespace tomato, yum.
  • Chemistry - Make different chemical reagents for your own use. Make fertilizers for plants, etc.
  • Mining - Collect minerals, a lot of minerals preferably... to build up your fortune in this final frontier.
  • Multiplayer - After constant feedback on needing multiplayer, we've decided to go full spessman and therefore first Steam early access release is going to feature fully functional multiplayer. With voice chat. CHEF IS A TRAITOR. REEE

    And MUCH more to come.