Speed Kings features 12 street circuits set in a variety of locations including London, Hamburg and Las Vegas. Each environment will be packed full of destructible objects and the advanced AI allows for multiple traffic formations. Speed Kings even allows players to avoid pile-ups and obstacles by taking to the air and jumping clear of danger. However, lose control and the bikes suffer real-time damage which affects performance as riders race to the finish line.

Speed Kings delivers the most complete and over-the-top motorbike street-racing experience ever with a wealth of gameplay features.


  • 22 bikes based around production and custom real world models.

  • 3 single player modes and 5 multiplayer options.

  • Arcade-style handling and control.

  • Incredibly realistic crash sequences.

  • Insane stunts including hair-raising power down slides beneath lorries and death-defying jumps.

  • Interactive street environments featuring traffic and destructible objects.

  • Deformation system for real-time bike damage.

  • Selection of riders each with unique riding styles and unique aggressive rider taunts.

  • Extensive reward-based hidden features.

  • Speed King point system.

  • Official in-game authentic motorcycling gear supplied by Alpinestars and Shoei.