Spacerift: Arcanum System - an online space shooter with an open world. Team up with other players in to corporation to gain an advantage over enemies, and together explore distant sectors filled with a terrible, dark, but intriguing space!

Game Features:
- Equip your ship, buy, assemble from parts or grab a new ship !;
- You can have several ships at the same time, which can be used for a variety of purposes.
- Separately developed economic component of the game: The game world is as dynamic as possible - from ore mining and dispersion of asteroids, to the construction and destruction of space stations;
“A spaceship is a spaceship, not a aquarium ship!” (Ship engines work for ACCELERATION, and not for constant flight); Your ship is equipped with many automatic stabilizing systems for a more convenient flight, which you can configure as you wish;
- You should be as careful as possible regarding your property, because everything is easy to lose when you die
- The game space is filled with a variety of events: quests, unknown objects, space stars, meteors, and other.