If you ever dreamed of exploring the Space at a relaxed pace, here's a journey designed for you.

Starting from the Earth, travel to all those planets and stars you can think of. Come up with strategies to maximize your energy and resource gains, do researches to enhance your spaceship, and build infras all over the Universe. You are also gonna fight the evil aliens from the outer space in a relaxing card-battle style!

All of the above sounds so complicated, but they can actually be achieved through just a few clicks. It's an Idle Game!

Gaining Energy/Resources
  • Discover many ways of retrieving the energy or resources on every planets and stars.
  • Think of strategies to maximize the gain of the resource you want!
  • Develop science to avoid resource gain efficiency deterioration on some stars!

Travelling Between Stars
  • Power up your spaceship engine, and set off.
  • Bring necessary stuff with you in your spaceship to develop the new star, but don't bring too much (Overweight warning).
  • Use Spaceship Dieting, Trajectory Optimization, or even SPACE FOLDING to speed up your journey!

  • Researches on your spaceship and star labs, to enhance your abilities and unlock advanced stuff :)
  • Urbanize and colonize the stars! Bring the advanced future Earth technologies & industries there after you clear those aliens!

  • Face various alien enemies during your Grand Space Journey. Fight them in the well-known card battle way.
  • High DOF of enemy behaviors make them super unpredictable. Battle gonna be quite hard if you want to manually push the progress, however you can...
  • Define the intended behavior using the super friendly UI, and let the battle run! (No worries, super easy.)
  • Get drops from the defeated enemies to improve your battle abilities, and power up all other aspects of the game as well.
  • Legendary Boss Fights. Hit them hard and win the prize!

What else can you expect from the game?
  • Regular updates to keep there's always new content!
  • You can enjoy the most of out the game well without needing to pay at all. Premium currency is steadily obtainable.
  • I'll look at the feedback frequently and do all that I can to fix anything you feel inhumane about, to make regular improvements!

Good Luck, and have a pleasant flight!

This game is completely developed by one guy. All the programming, arts, and translations of 3 languages! Wanted to find something to do during the COVID and this is what comes out XD
I will really appreciate you enjoying my game <3