Welcome to Space junk heroes a nostalgic 2D hand drawn action adventure game, based off the comic book series.WARNING! THIS GAME CONTAINS HIGH OCTANE gameplay that`s EXPLODING with ATTITUDE, play at your own risk!

Get Ready to clean up the galaxy in this outlandish space adventure. You get to play as captain Doodle head helping him along on his zany quest to save the galaxy from being destroyed by Ivan the eye and his synthetic pupil troopers. complete in tasks by helping your fellow citizens and earn awards for good deeds, you will need to find a weapon for your own protection against the dastardly space pirates

  • 2D Hand drawn action adventure game
  • Retro gaming
  • Open world galaxy map to explore
  • Discover new worlds and alien life forms
  • Fly a commercial space ship
  • Blast away your enemies with powerful ball blasters
  • Help your fellow citizens by completing tasks to become a space junk hero

How to play
  • explore the galaxy by using your star map
  • land on planets and talk to the locals for quests to complete
  • find a weapon to protect your self against Ivan the eye and his evil pupil troopers
  • fly your ship around the galaxy looking for space junk to collect

Space junk heroes prime directives
  • To serve and protect your fellow citizens
  • Keep the galaxy clean
  • Protect endangered alien life forms from other worlds
  • direct space traffic in a orderly fashion
  • always carry a spare pair of socks
  • Never look at a zartian in the eye when talking face to face