Do you dare enter the magical maze of the Sorcerer? A bewitching game set over 10 expansive worlds with 10 levels of sorcery in each on a panel bashing mission for enchanted jewels. Choose a variety of environments from the vast ocean, highest mountain to the deepest river defeating the evil bosses at the end of each. Assuming the role of our hero Prism you stand under your charmed shield and deflect the attacking to break the glowing shapes above. Your only way through to the next world is to complete each of the 10 levels to face the powerful boss at the end. It's a harsh world of witchcraft, so you're going to need to summon all your powers. By picking up Magic Points in the game you can purchase Magical Orbs giving you awesome power-ups for your shield and your ball.

Take on this fantastical trial of skill by yourself, play with a friend who shares your passion for smashing puzzle fun or choose to make them the object of your dark side in battle mode! It's a truly challenging game with 101 stages to conquer before reaching the good queen to win the Sorcerer's Maze.