Sonic The Hedgehog

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Developed by the Sonic Team, players enter the peaceful water city of Soleanna which is ruled by the Princess Elise. Actress Lacey Chabert (Party of Five, Mean Girls) voices the young princess who protects the Blue Chaos Emerald which holds the power to destroy the world. The tranquil city is shattered as Dr. Eggman descends on the city and kidnaps Elise, with an evil agenda to possess this powerful gem. With the fate of Soleanna at stake, only the dizzying speed and unshakeable courage of Sonic and his friends can tip the balance.

Featuring highlights from Sonic's 15-year history, gamers will have the opportunity to play as characters both returning and new. Sonic, Shadow and a new telekinetic hedgehog from the future, Silver, are playable characters with storylines that intersect along the way. Utilizing Sonic's unstoppable speed, Shadow's vehicles and Silver's powerful telekinesis, the vast game environments can be explored in a multitude of different ways, based on the characters' specific abilities. Additionally, favorite Sonic friends including Tails, Knuckles, Blaze, Rouge, E-123 Omega and Amy provide help along the way, and players will have the opportunity to play sub-missions as these cameo characters.

For the first time in the franchise's history, Sonic and the rest of the cast will also enter the human realm. Exploring the town of Soleanna, players interact with its inhabitants to gather information, protect them from Eggman's robotic minions, and purchase new abilities in the shops. Between sequences in these Town Stages, players navigate a variety of fast-paced action environments, from windswept deserts, to lush jungles, to snowy hillsides, to a fiery futuristic city, in an effort to find Dr. Eggman and put a stop to his nefarious plans.


  • Sonic's trademark speed gets redefined through cutting-edge animation production values.

  • Next-generation technology such as rag-doll physics, light scatter and environmental blur effects make the world of Sonic come alive.

  • A rich storyline that delivers an epic free-roaming and ultra-high-speed adventure.

  • Customise and personalise Sonic's special abilities by spending the rings you've collected on custom moves!

  • Multiplayer modes where you can play through a unique co-op adventure with another player, or duke it out with others whose goals are completely different to yours!