Song of Iron

Genres: Action Adventure
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Prepare to be met by a world set against you. In Song of Iron, man, monster and nature itself will try to stop you. Fight through it all in this gritty adventure where combat is intense, visceral and dangerous. Use bow, axe and shield to fight back but take care, weapons can be lost, arrows will run out and shields will be broken. With the blood of your ancestors and valor regained along the way you can fight on.

Explore your ancient, and mysterious homeland as you journey through forests, into caves and climb mountains as you seek vengeance. Keep your eyes peeled, danger is all around you and when a fight is too big you may need to find a subtler way to pass foes.


You are the last of your people that resembles the might of your ancestors. . Long ago the god’s abandoned them and their ancient kingdoms fell to ruin. Start your quest to find the gods to regain their favour and seek those upon whom you hold an oath of vengeance. For others arose and took the power your people lost, they hold it still.


Escape is a solo-dev game development studio started by Joe Winter, a long time game artist and developer. Song of Iron is the first title by the new studio which seeks to bring unique, beautiful and rewarding games to people everywhere looking for a high quality escape.