One hundred years ago, humanity left its home planet in search of a new Earth. It didn't take long for civilization to fragment into groups that became hostile to each other. The groups became factions, and some of their leaders, warlords.

You must control powerful space fleets to save your faction. Each sector presents a new tactical challenge and unfolds the story-line in this turn-based space strategy game.Features
  • Sense, Plan, Act: All players plan their turns simultaneously. Anticipate your opponent’s attack and come up with the ideal action plan every turn.
  • Linear story-line: Discover how the story unfolds as you progress through the sectors and complete missions.
  • Simple mechanics: Without the burden of overmanagement in the late game, the fast paced gameplay is kept during the whole match.
  • Pick your abilities: Choose the combination of abilities, skills and customizations that may give you the upper hand in each sector.