Soldier of Fortune

Genres: Action
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You are John Mullins. You are the best there is. The only thing colder than the steel in your hands is the ice that runs through your veins. You had three tours in Vietnam and got three Purple Hearts for your trouble. Army Special Forces trained you as part of the controbersial PHOENIX group to assassinate high-ranking Vietcong officers and, in the process, made you a lethal weapon. You've seen things that would make the bravest of men wake up in the middle of the night screaming... and you've lived to tell about it. Like I said--you're the best there is.

You will have to use any means necessary to find and secure four stolen nuclear warheads. Track and stop the terrorist organization responsible for the theft before they can carry out their threat to national security. Dispatch as many terrorists, skinheads, and enemy soldiers as necessary to complete your mission. Failure means more than just going home in a bag, it could mean global thermonuclear holocaust. And worst of all, you won't get paid. Failure is not an option.