Solar warden is a Space Shooter / Real-Time Strategy hybrid indie title from the developers behind Mechwarrior: Living Legends. Command the Solar Warden space fleet from the real-time strategy overlay; the “Planetary Defense Interface (PDI)” into battle or choose to assume immediate control of any of your fleet directly with the “Telepresence” technology and combat the Silicoid menace up close!Key Game Features
  • Space Shooter and Real-Time Strategy hybrid title
  • Six-Degrees-of-Freedom space combat
  • Command your fleet via real-time strategy overlay
  • Take direct control of any of your vessels immediately with "Telepresence"
  • Full co-op support up to 4 Players
  • Fully voiced (English) campaign
  • Persistent diplomacy, research and planet damage
  • Customize and expand your fleet with a wide range of weapons and equipment
  • Seamless transitions with no loadscreens