Prevent the resurrection of the ancient evil gods.
Enter the world of sword and sorcery....

SOL DIVIDE is a horizontal-scrolling shooter game that first appeared in arcades in 1997.

You can use a normal shot,
a direct attack that can be slashed up and down,
and 11 different types of magic attacks!

You can set the difficulty level, life, number of continues, controls, and more.

In addition, now we have online rankings!
Be the world's best warrior mage!Characters:
  • Dark Knight "Vorg"
    Unique command: Slash > Slash > Slash upward > Slash
    Unique spell: Nightmare
  • Wing Lancer "Kashon"
    Unique command: Slash > Slash > Slash downward > Slash
    Unique spell: Phoenix
  • Great Mage "Tyora"
    Unique command: Slash > Slash > Slash to right > Slash
    Unique spell: Sammon
  • Select the screen filter from the normal +2 version.
  • You can set the length of life gauge, from 1 to 9 and the number of continues from 0 to unlimited.
  • Assign "Shot", "Auto Shot", "Slash" and "Magic" in the key configuration.
Score Attack:
  • This is a new feature that has a very severe mode with a fixed difficulty level and number of lives.
  • Compete in high scores and score attacks against players from all over the world!
  • Online rankings can be viewed from the options menu.