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SOCOM is effectively two games in one - the challenging single player missions and the hardcore action of the online multiplayer mode. In single player, your four man team is split into two 'elements', Able and Bravo. Like the very similar Ghost Recon, you take direct control of Able's leader, while Able 2 tags along and the Bravo element is at your disposal to be ordered around as you wish. Orders are issued via the Headset by pressing Circle to open the channel (just like a walkie-talkie) and stating simple orders - such as "Run to checkpoint", "Fire at will" and "Hold fire". What really pulls you into the game is when your team mates respond or update you directly via the headset, so the sound arrives in your ear rather than through the TV speaker (where all the other game sound comes from). It's a simple touch that makes the game much more immersive than previous soldier sims.

Gameplay wise, you and your team will attempt 12 life or death missions across four international locations - Alaska, Thailand, Congo and Turkmenistan. Facing numerous trained, intelligent and above all deadly terrorists your objectives will range from all-out assaults and demolitions to careful reconnaissance and search and rescue. Remember the SEALs are a precision implement not a blunt weapon so use careful planning, stealth and teamwork to carry out your orders.

SOCOM really comes into its own when you take it out across your broadband connection and take on living, breathing opponents in multiplayer mode. Logging into SOCOM online via your Network Adaptor gives you access to chat rooms, player rankings and of course the opportunity for up to 16 players to head into the fray together. Up to eight SEALs take on up to eight terrorists - no CPU opponents, no pre-scripted events, just real gamers from around Europe trying to blow holes in each other. You can even talk to the other players in your team via the Headset and co-ordinate your battle plans. As with the single player game, brains rather than bullets will win the battle.

SOCOM is the vanguard of a whole new gaming experience for PS2. In single player, as well as being a nail-biting covert ops sim, SOCOM rises to new levels of interactivity through the innovative use of the headset. In multiplayer mode the PS2 becomes your gateway to literally limitless gameplay as you face a fresh challenge every time you jump into a multiplayer game. Are you good enough to become the best in Europe? Can you make the grade as a Navy SEAL?


  • Detailed and realistic combat across 12 challenging single player missions.

  • Issue orders and receive feedback from your team-mates via the unique headset.

  • Massive multiplayer conflicts are possible via the Network Adaptor and a broadband internet connection.

  • Set up online Clans (teams) and train to be the best SOCOM squad in Europe.

  • Equip yourself with over 60 realistically recreated weapons including SMGs, grenades, laser designators and mines.