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Socom II - US Navy Seals places you in the role of an elite SEAL commander whose team's orders are simple - strike targets of importance within 12 all-new intense international missions ranging from North Africa and Albania to Brazil and Russia. Players will battle through new terrain and urban environments and can accept no outcome but victory.

As the team commander, players must instruct their team either through voice recognition technology (with a Socom-compatible headset), or via on-screen text options. Authoritative commands control the player's AI team-mates, who respond and follow orders appropriately. Players can also collaborate with international special forces like the British SAS and Russian Spetznaz.

In multiplayer mode, players will again be able to play and communicate online in a competitive environment, using broadband access. In addition to demolition, suppression and hostage rescue, new mission types such as VIP escort and breach are available in the multiplayer mode. Teamwork is crucial, and commands can be communicated through real-time text or voice commands using a Socom-compatible headset.


  • Battle the world's terrorists in 12 intense, richly detailed missions, including operations in Brazil, Russia, Albania and North Africa.

  • Association with Naval Special Warfare Command ensures realistic SEAL game play and mission designs.

  • Confront deadly enemies with the most skilled Special Ops force ever assembled, including collaborations with (Russian) Spetznaz and (British) SAS groups.

  • Online broadband gameplay supports up to 16 players (eight per team) and up to eight spectators can observe the fast-paced action - including five mission types, Medals of Merit, Friends' Lists and the ability to call in air strikes.

  • More than 15 new weapons. Weapons are realistic in their accuracy and are affected by many real-life factors, including fatigue, movement and weapon recoil.

  • Customise your character profiles and view the all-new ranking system on the web.

  • Various difficulty levels will provide challenging single-player gameplay to all gamers. In online play, choose to join a rank-specific or open game to play with those of similar skill levels.

  • All new SEAL and enemy models, new animations, human iris 'virtual eyes' simulation and greatly improved AI provide the most realistic military gaming experience available.

  • A Socom-compatible headset or USB headset (for PlayStation 2) can be used to communicate verbally with fellow team members during online games, including an all new "who's talking" display.

  • Two new mission types are available in the online mode.