Soccer Adventures tells the adventures of Robin. Robin is 12 years old, loves to play soccer and has a lot of really stunning soccer tricks. Until one day strange things happen in his neighborhood, a gang of thieves moves through the city. Although his parents and teachers do not believe him, he braves himself, armed with his soccer ball and his incredible soccer skils, on the hunt to screw up the robbers’ raid.

Players experience the adventures of Robin in numerous levels. Collect credits and improve his equipment and skills. Player can use these credits to buy skills and items in the ingame shop important for the gameplay.

This release includes a single player campaign with 30 levels. The gameplay lasts between 2 and 4 hours, very much depending on the skills of the player.

The number of the levels is going to be increased within the next 12 month with several updates. All updates in this period are included in the purchase.

The game can be played with the keyboard and gamepad. For the main menu you need a mouse.