After being set up and drugged, a hit man known only as the Sniper, awakes in prison with one thing on his mind:- revenge. Once free from his cell, a Jon Woo-esque blood bath ensues as our "hero," the Sniper, shoots his way out of prison and scours the city for those responsible. Prison guards, crooked cops, Chinese crime bosses and the mob, are added to the ever-growing trail of dead. Sniper has no alliances, only those who stand in the way of his ultimate goal: VENGEANCE.


  • First Person Action using the powerful Lithtech Jupiter Engine.

  • A host of weapons to wreak your vengeance with; Sniper Rifles, Sigs, Hand Grenades and more.

  • Blood-drenched combat with over 25 levels.

  • Unique Character Building elements to create the perfect Killer.

  • Wage war against the Mob, Chinese Crime Bosses, and crooked Cops.