The slime king lost his crown. Without it, he is just an ordinary slime. Now, he will go on a journey to find his lost crown, and return to being the slime king.

Slime King: the search for the lost crown is a game made on Pico-8, a retro fantasy console with purposeful limitations and low-resolution to simulate an 8-bit era console.

Designed in a minimalist way, this game aims to simplify the gameplay by highlighting harmless solid objects from objects that the player must pay attention to, dangerous things, and platforms that are not safe.


  • world with simplified design, specifying what is safe and what deserves the player's attention.
  • six worlds in simplified 8-bit retro style
  • Made on Pico-8, a fictional virtual console, created to impose the limitations and low-resolution of the 8bit era and simulate the sensation of playing a game from that time.