Play with the world’s biggest stars and blast through crazy water slides! Are you ready for the world’s most extreme water slide adventure? Play with 20+ of the world’s biggest social media stars and blast into an adventure of a lifetime! Choose your favorite star, jump onto the ride of your choice and race head-first down some of the most crazy water slides! Slide, jump and balance your way through insane tracks packed with race-platforming dangers and extraordinary enemies. Overcome insane challenges like rolling boulders, wobbly constructions, banana bomb throwing monkeys, and even a colossal kraken! Nothing goes too far for these stars! Will you make it to the finish line? FEATURES: ★ Play as Brent Rivera, Demi Rose, Ben Azelart or one of the other international super stars! ★ Slide, jump and balance to beat the most exciting and dangerous water challenges! ★ Unlock 20 super bizarre rides, ranging from a shark, unicorn and llama to even a mech and a dragon: each with its own pros and cons! ★ Perform crazy stunts and get some airtime to increase your score! ★ Easy to pick up and play, yet exciting to master. Will you set a new record? ★ Challenge yourself by completing each level in multiple ways, unlock hidden tracks and earn special medals! LIST OF STARS: ★ Alan Stokes ★ Alex Stokes ★ Amusementforce Greg ★ Amusementforce Kes ★ ApoRed ★ Ben Azelart ★ Brent Rivera ★ Demi Rose ★ Doctor Mike ★ Enji Night ★ Enya Wandres ★ Holly H ★ Jeff Seid ★ Kat Wonders ★ Luciano Spinelli ★ Lexi Rivera ★ Milan Knol ★ Prof. Dr. Freek Vonk ★ Sveta Bilyalova ★ Veronica Bielik