Hack and slash monsters in a spooky mansion! Slashy Hero must save Halloween by defeating spooky ghosts, possessed tombstones, and evil jack o’lanterns.

Play through 95 action packed dungeons with unique enemy types and crushing bosses. Dash across the screen with a unique drawing movement mechanic, attacking as you go. Checkpoints every three levels let you save your progress and advance through the mansion.

Slashy Hero is the Halloween game of the year!

Loot treasure chests throughout the mansion to find costumes that buff your character. Transform into a rainbow cat, alien or cyborg. Combine costumes to become the Frankenwolf with a ray gun! Let your imagination run wild!

95 levels of action-packed mystery
69 awesome costumes
Big Picture
Full Controller support
Steam Trading Cards
Hack n’ dash movement
Secret rooms scattered through the levels

Campaign with 95 levels of action-packed mystery
Dial up the difficulty in Jawbreaker for greater rewards!
How many monsters can you slash in Time Attack?
Climb the leaderboards in Infinite Mode