A virus has spread worldwide and you are the only member of your family who is immune... Fight through daily hordes of mutants to provide the necessary resources to save your family!

Wake up in the morning and leave the house with only one objective: gather as many resources as you can before the night comes! You don't want to know what happens at night...Key Features:· EVERY DAY IS UNIQUE: Every day will be a surprise as there will be: climate changes, procedurally generated enemies and different resource drops locations.

· EPIC ENEMY BATTLES: Plenty of attacks to kill your enemies and save your family!

· CHOOSE UPGRADES: Provide the necessary daily resources for your family and you will be rewarded!

· REPLAY VALUE: How many days can you survive until your family starves to death or a mutant chops off your head? Endless hours of gameplay!

· STUNNING VISUALS: Your eyeballs will pop-out staring at this low poly 3D modern aesthetics.