#SkiJump lets you SKI & JUMP like a unicorn in virtual reality. Fast paced downhill (and uphill, if you want to work for it), loads of jumping and virtual friends...but beware of the YETI! You can ski forever and you don't even need a lift card <3

#SkiJump is currently pretty sandboxy and it's like being inside our heads (literally mushroom forest right now). You can hunt scores, but your score gets reset when Yeti catches you, so try to kill him instead (you have bow&spear for that). Have a look at the leaderboards when you feel like competing.

Cheats (on keyboard until we make an in-game menu):
Baby Slope (start area): B
Big Slope: R
Music on/off: M
Overlay UI/Score (for clean screen/streaming): O

Known bugs-turned-features:
Flying tress (and not just the ones you hit)
Wobbly Yeti...he's not da smartest fella
Selfiestick is funky on some VR controllers - will fix shortly
Skiers can get stuck, so please help them out of their misery. They follow you, so be friendly!
Will add more big slopes and freestyle funk VERY SOON