Learn a 4-step human algorithm for the six circular paths of 1) Being Friendly, 2) Being Grounded, 3) Being Balanced, 4) Being Nourished, 5) Being Understanding, 6) Being Flowing.

For example, the routine to help you be more Grounded asks you to A) Lie down for one minute, B) Sit up for one minute, C) Stand for one minute, then D) Walk for one minute. An animation accompanies these instructions with audio and text.

The routine for Knowing has these four steps: A) Read the energies, B) Affirm what you want, C) Talk to God, D) Wait for a response, and

The routine for Being Friendly has these four steps: A) Be present for someone, B) Send warm thoughts or energies, C) Take turns listening and speaking, an D) Do a two-person tai chi exercise.

There are Six routines in all. The routines repeat, so they are called circular Paths. Thus the name Six Paths. The shortest routine takes 4 minutes to cycle, the longest routine takes 20 minutes to complete.