The critically acclaimed Silent Hunter series recreates the ferocious battles between the German U-boats and the Allied naval forces during WWII to gain domination over the oceans. Its impressive list of features, beautiful 3D graphics, and unrivaled gameplay assure that this installment of the Silent Hunter series will reinvent underwater simulations.

* Full 3d camera

* Event camera that tracks important events, a torpedo striking the hull of an enemy ship or a depth charge blowing up in the water.

* Day/Night/Weather systems - the ocean comes alive with realistic weather and time modelling.

* Dynamic living campaign world - the world moves on around the player and time passes, the war becomes increasingly more dangerous and the pickings much richer.

* Players experience their own personal war story as the dynamic world generates events around them, ships move to historical trade routes and allied forces clash with the enemy while you slink beneath the waves.