Siege the day is a Turn-Based combat castle builder game where you have to build your own castle and fight against other players using the military equipment that you added to it. Each item that you add for your castle will cost you money which you have a limited pool of. Make sure to spend it wisely and build the masterpiece.

  • Complete freedom with building your castle. Build walls, barracks, defense towers etc in a way you want
  • Select between the range of military equipment for your castle. Do you want ice canons or maybe fire cannons or maybe you prefer to spend more gold on your archers… It is up to you what path to the victory you will select
  • Take over the control of your canons and shoot your opponents most vulnerable structures, disrupting his supply of ammo, gold or even military.
  • Destroy walls and towers in order to let your army to get in
  • Enjoy the physics based destruction