Shoot Them 2 is Come! When the danger came again, the clone female soldiers began to purify themselves, not only being able to reproduce themselves, but also producing new and stronger soldiers. This time, we are going to fight against these clone female soldiers in a new scene. Let's say you don't slack off. The real battle is just coming.

The game includes:

  • Two new female soldiers have been added, and five kinds of enemies have been gained.
  • Three new maps with different styles,
  • 10 new levels make enemies more difficult and AI more complex
  • Doll system, the way female soldiers fall is more in line with physics
  • Endless mode: infinite enemies, kill them all
  • Crazy mode: each enemy has a different size, this time you can initially set the size of the enemy!

    Still the lowest price, the brand new shop them 2 is definitely worth your try! Excellent hand feel, rich enemies and scenes, challenge yourself, get through the game and get higher scores.