Release date - 01/21/2020

She doesn't walk is a short survival horror game that is a complete adventure designed to be replayed time and again, with friends.

  • Procedurally placed rooms and key locations make for great replayability, especially in the first act where finding the keys quickly is crucial.
  • The game can be beaten in as quick as under 7 minutes, or up to 15.
  • This single-player game has 3 different endings
  • Gather notes and find the easter egg.
  • Move using the ASWD buttons on the keyboard and interact with everything using only the left mouse button, making it practically a one-button game.
  • Interact with specific physics-based objects to find secrets and beat the game.
  • You can't look behind you, so a deeper sense of fear is distilled since you can never tell how close "she" is, but you do hear her getting closer.
  • Camera switches show her feet dragging closer and closer to you, so at times you can't see what you're doing.
  • Speed run the game without getting any secrets to see how fast you can do it, or see how fast you can beat the game for the best ending
  • Uncover the mystery to the cabin and the deeper story.

ASWD - move
left mouse button - interact
(There isn't an indicator to show when you can interact with something, you have to test for yourself.)

Hello there, and welcome to the page for my first game. I've poured hours and hours (and months) into this and hope you enjoy it. I wanted to make a complete product that is a fully beatable game. I hope you enjoy this as much as I've enjoyed making it.

Thank you,