Game developed by undergraduate students in the research laboratory ICAD / VisionLab, of the Computer Science Department of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio).
Interdisciplinary project between the courses of Computer Engineering, Control and Automation Engineering, Computer Science and Design.

The teachers can’t even imagine that between classes, the classroom becomes the stage of an epic confrontation of chalk geometry! The battlefield? the Chalkboard! Control skillfully illustrated geometric shapes on the chalkboard and collect all the candies to earn the highest score. But in this mission, there are many dangers, young champions. Therefore, be very careful not to be targeted by the various hazards that will appear on the board, making your mission a struggle for the survival of chalk. Who will be victorious?

The mad Square?

The playful Circle?

The vain Triangle?

Or the clever Star?

Spiked balls, lava, arrows and whatever 9-year-olds can imagine (and can draw convincingly on the board) will challenge your reflexes in battle as you dodge the dangers and hinder your opponents with special skills.