The sky is blackened by dark clouds and planet Earth is nearing its sad end. Human, a creature so inventive, has already tried all the possibilities to avoid his doom. Unsuccessfully. Only one way still remains - a time tunnel leading back to the year 1958. Contingent, the new world's government, didn't hesitate and jumps into the tunnel with a great army to fight against their own ancestors. Gain the planet at any cost. The primacy of the contingent's modern units is extensive but the situation changes rapidly and the red sun rises above the planet. Nuclear war is in the air, a war that no-one expected. There is no way back and both sides are forced to continue fighting.


  • Turn based strategy that gives the player the possibility to use and improve various special abillities of his units.

  • Stylish, "nuclear war in progress" environment.

  • Epic story and dynamic storyline that aacompagnies the player throughout the entire game.

  • High level Artificial Intelligence.

  • Intuitive game rules placing emphasis on the strategical experience.

  • 20 game levels.

  • 30 units and characters.

  • 40 different actions that can used during the game.

  • 36 abbilities and character improvements.