The year is 48 B.C. The grandeur of the Roman Empire has been tarnished by political corruption and society has been overrun by unruliness and violence. Julius Caesar advocates drastic reform to rebuild the republic to its former glory, but is met with opposition. Before changes could be implemented, the enlightened head of state is murdered. The horrific news finds its way onto the battlefield and to the ears of one soldier, Agrippa, who rushes back to Rome only to be confronted with the announcement that his father Uesnius, a close advisor to Caesar, has been accused of the murder. Unfortunately, time is running out for Agrippa as his father is to be publicly executed by the winner of the next gladiatorial event. Together with the help of his best friend, Octavius, and a freed female gladiator named Claudia, Agrippa embarks on a mission to restore his family's honour and uncover the truth behind Caesar's assassination.


  • Character switching - Shadow of Rome blends action and adventure with the use of two different main characters, Agrippa and Octavius. One character lends themselves more to action and the other is crucial for the adventure elements of the game. Switch between the 'brains' and 'brawn' to uncover the truth behind the real murderer of Caesar.

  • Full 3-D polygonal environments - Faithful recreation of architecture and surroundings immerses the player in Ancient Rome from the outset.

  • Scenarios change based on the player's gaming style - The game will match the player's style. If they excel during the action sections of the game, more action elements will be incorporated into future scenarios. The same rule applies to excelling during adventure situations.

  • Variety of gameplay - Shadow of Rome thrusts players into numerous sub-challenges where they participate in gladiatorial events such as chariot racing, tournament battles and duals to the death.

  • Dolby Sound Pro Logic II - Shadow of Rome will include a sound system similar to those found in today's motion pictures. Players will truly feel part of the action as the hustle and bustle of ancient Rome or the roar of the crowd at the Coliseum are accurately recreated.

  • Historical figures of ancient Rome round off a cast full of interesting and intriguing characters.