With the world descending into chaos... will you protect the light?... or consume it?...
Choose your side... Good or Evil!

Build your deck so you can outwit your opponents!
Craft a whole selection of generals and send them to various quests, unlock their
abilities and assign them to defend your keep from upcoming attacks.
Venture into the unforgiving mountain! Reach the mountain's peak as you fight your way
through various enemies and face off against powerful heroes along the way!
Take on new adventures everyday with the Fortune Teller or challenge powerful foes
with the help of your friends.
Complete quests that will leave you coming back for more!


- Arena Battles
- PvP Matchmaking
- Leaderboards
- Deck Building
- Daily Quests
- Daily Challenges
- Daily Raid Boss Fights
- Valkyrie Mountain Adventure
- Character Level Up
- General Level Up
- Commander Quests
- Card Forging and Crafting
- Event Campaigns and Quests