SEGA Super Stars is a compilation of twelve to fifteen mini games featuring classic SEGA characters and games redesigned exclusively for the Eye Toy. Now instead of just playing a favorite SEGA game, gamers are part if it! Race with Sonic, go bananas with Super Monkey BallTM, battle Akira or Rau of Virtua FighterTM fame in a toe-to-toe power attack and play a variety of instruments in Samba de AmigoTM rhythm.

Multiple mini games across a variety of genres ensure that there is plenty of fun for the entire family.


  • SEGA takes its most popular characters and games and makes them even more fun via the EyeToy.

  • A collection of more than a dozen mini games redesigned exclusively for the Eye Toy.

  • Broad range of easy to play games that the whole family can enjoy.

  • Snowboard with Sonic, collect bananas in Super Monkey Ball, go toe-to-toe with Virtua Fighters, and make the samba rhythm with Samba de Amigo.

  • Requires the EyeToy camera for the PlayStation 2.