Games Included:

  • Golden Axe - Travel to the Dark Ages and wield magic spells as a warrior, maiden or dwarf.

  • OutRun - As you blaze across the checkpoint in your souped up racer, the road branches - which route will you take?

  • Virtua Racing - Grab the wheel and take a trip back into SEGA history in this remake of the arcade classic.

  • Columns - Arrange falling jewels in piles of three or more horizontally, vertically, or diagonally and remove them while making chains that earn you the big points.

  • Monaco GP - You'll leave plenty of tyre tread ripping through these crazy courses.

  • Space Harrier - Teleport to deep space in seconds to battle futuristic monsters and robots with lock-on lasers.

  • Fantasy Zone - Climb aboard your Opa-Opa and get rich quick as defeated enemies drop coins.

  • Tant R & Bonanza Bros - Play alone or grab three friends to play through 40 mini-games! Clear them all and you'll gain access to the special Bonus Game.