You are hired by a local grocery store in a newly developed seaside town to do deliveries and run errands mostly on a fully functional motorized Scooter.
You will be asked to complete jobs such as gathering fruits up a tree to bring back to the store, climbing a mountain to feed an animal, to simply throwing magazines at the doorstep of local stores/residents. No two jobs are the same but they all involve a delivery. Expect to ride through traffic, climb the mountain range, enter buildings, interact with animals and/or people, hop on/off the Scooter via teleport and more all while listening to public radio. This is just the beginning of your new life in VR. This experience is tailored to those who enjoy driving, the open road and the radio while doing deliveries in a living environment.

  • Total control of Scooter : accelerate at your own speed, steer freely, hop on/off bike via teleport
  • Ability to climb the mountain, enter some buildings in town
  • Interaction with the animal kingdom in a living seaside town
  • Be watchful for angry cab drivers and falling from height, as both will get you killed
  • VR sickness kept to minimum using various techniques for people new to VR
  • Radio player to enjoy while you work around town on your Scooter

  • Player having to put gas into bike at gas station
  • More parts of the mountain region will be accessible/climbable
  • More buildings to enter
  • Another city or a forest island nearby for the new missions
  • More animals and/or people interaction
  • Ability to get paid and spend money