Scooby is back! This time Mystery Inc must unravel the mystery behind why mega industrialist Travis Sherman is forcing people to sell their land to him - and the role his occult obsessed assistant Selena Jones has in these plans!


  • Play co-operatively as Scooby Doo! And Shaggy.

  • Six locations - Hambridge University, Milton Bros Movie Studio, Wild West Theme Park, Deep South Bayou, Eerie Island and Sherman Tech Headquarters - each with at least four levels, numerous cutscenes. And climactic Boss levels.

  • Arm yourself with the Tome Of Doom - a mysterious book with the power to trap and imprison ghosts!

  • Help the other members of Mystery Inc - and use the clues that brainy Velma leaves for you!

  • Discover hidden sandwich ingredients to unlock bonuses such as art galleries.

  • Play mini games - discover hidden items to unlock Ghost Puzzles, Time Challenges and Sandwich hunt mini games.