The player will have to defend their home planet from alien attacks by repelling their projectiles by controlling the orbital platform. Passing more and more powerful waves of enemies, your platform will be available to various types of firearms improvements that can hit the aliens.
Score points, upgrade your weapon, pass waves and compete with your friends in the online highscore table, become the best! And for hardcore fans, the "crazy mode" is available, where it is extremely difficult to control the orbital platform, but it is very fun and funny. I wonder if you can reach at least the 10th wave in this mode?

Key game features:
  • An infinite number of waves of opponents, it all depends on your skill
  • More than 20 types of aliens with different characteristics
  • 3 types of bosses to achieve certain waves
  • 5 types of weapons to improve the platform with different action and power
  • More than 10 types of bonuses (from additional health to the planet to the simultaneous explosion of all aliens on the location)
  • Crazy difficulty level with heavy controls
  • 20 Steam achievements
  • Online high score table
  • Controller support