GameplayThe main mechanic of the game is based on Checkers.

Mr.Jack need to eliminate all mice with just one blow.
To do that, you need to use cheese to attract the mice to vantage positions:

After that Mr Jack can defer the final blow:
StoryThe cats are well known for hunting mice, but now the world is different. Almost all cats mysteriously disappeared and the mice conquered the world. They brought a plague that causes an addiction to cheese.
The remaining cats created an order to try to control the mice numbers, the Samurai Cats.
Join Mr.Jack a Samurai Cat member trying to restore the balance of the world.Features
  • 40 unique handcrafted levels!
  • 4 different scenarios in Japan with unique ambientations!
  • Hidden scrolls scattered in the scenarios that tell more of the story!
  • Unique music and sound effects created for the game!
  • A super hard bonus level that only few will be able to solve.