Let me start by saying this game is far superior to any game in the GTA series, despite being a clone of it. Its cutscenes are hilarious and action packed, and the gameplay is entertaining. You also get to customise your character, editing things such as their gender, clothes, hair style/color and even you're characters voice can be customised. The game is about you and your gang trying to take back the city of Stillwater that once belonged to you. The game is very over the top with insane stunts and the sometimes bizzare cutscenes, this however, helps cement the game as better than Grand Theft Auto. The drug use is even worse than it is in GTA, the same may be said for the swearing and violence. The main storyline is split into three different archs, with you taking on a different gang in each one. While it is all about humour in this game, some may say that one of the cutscenes is emotional. The weapons are various, the cars looks great and the controls are simple. The graphics are not that bad also on a HD TV, but if playing on a standard def TV, the visuals may let you down. Anybody that enjoyed GTA, this game may just be worth your while. Gameplay: 8/10 Graphics: 7/10 Sound: 6/10 Good Points: 1. The game is chock full of acivities. 2. Storyline is pretty good. 3. Has co-op mode, which is much better than doing it alone. 4. Contains many different vehicles, including a UFO! 5. The huge amount of cheats make the game even more fun. 6. The game is pretty long, containing a lot of missions. Bad Points: 1. Has minor bugs and glitches 2. Some missions can be very hard and frustrating for some people.