The Earth has been overtaken by water. Was it the ice caps? Was it an asteroid hit? Or was it a higher power? These are important questions to answer, but no time for that right now! You fist must survive! It’s every man, woman, and child for himself out on the sea. Start off as a sailor with a modest vessel. Seek treasures and parts to upgrade your ship. Find bigger crews, construct bigger vessels, and dominate the seas. Maybe you’ll find the answers you seek along the way.

• Create and customize your character and vessel. Show the world who you are.
• Sessions last on average 20 minutes (or somewhere between a few minutes to an hour, depending how well you are doing)

Succeed by exploring, interacting, and attacking. Should the unfortunate happen, there can be honor in going down with the ship. But sometimes surviving is more important. When your vessel sinks, swim underwater and get to safety. Rebuild and maybe you can get back into the fight and still be victorious!