Rumble Roses is a stunning wrestling title featuring an all-female cast. Packing a roster of visually amazing moves, including suplexes, kicks, elbows and pins, the intuitive control system also allows for breath-taking combination attacks, unique to each of the eleven girls. Adding to the fun, the wrestlers can also taunt each other mid-bout, while the combination of moves and aggression will determine how 'good' or 'bad' the crowd perceive them, resulting in boos or cheers from the baying fans.

Rumble Roses also breaks away from its glitzy ring-based setting, with the addition of a unique Mud Mode. This shows the bikini-clad girls using their grappling skills within a mud-filled pool, getting progressively dirtier as the fight continues. Wrestling and wrestlers have never looked so good.


  • The First and Only All-Female Wrestling Experience!

  • Gorgeous female models and amazing gameplay.

  • Play in the mud with the Rumble Roses in Mud Match Mode.

  • Develop good or bad personas to change costumes and moves.