Ruby Hunter is a 2.5D Miner game where your objective is to retrieve the treasures buried deep in the mine.

During your journey you will face several challenges, fight fierce battles with the creatures of the mine, and solve tricky puzzles. Fight the evil Yam-Yam beasts, use the help of Lorries and take up the duel with the Bugs to get their loot. Convert precious gems, shoot blazing lasers and blow up your timebombs on your way to the exit.

Ruby Hunter took inspiration from old-school classics such as Sapphire Yours, Boulder Dash and Emerald Mine.FeaturesMore than 1000 levels: The game includes classic levels and ones made by the fans over the years. Solve the puzzles over the course of 11 difficulty levels! If you're stuck on a level, feel free to get a hint from the provided demos, or suspend it and continue later.

Local co-op: Solve the dual-player levels with your friend, with built-in split-screen support.

Level editor: Design, test and upload your own levels with the in-game level editor! Create giant levels with up to over 250.000 tiles, using more than 50 different/unique objects! You can share them with others using the Community Hub.

Community Hub: Play and rate levels made by other players, or keep the discussion going with the in-game chat. You can also link your different devices to keep your game progress synchronized between them. (The in-game Community Hub is not associated with Steam)

Leaderboards: Got a quicker/smarter/better solution for a level? You can compete with other players and view their solutions using the leaderboard system.

Controls: Ruby Hunter includes keyboard and gamepad (Windows only) support with remappable keys. (Text input is not yet supported for gamepads)

Achievements and Trading cards: The game includes Steam achievements and will drop Trading cards as soon as the game becomes eligible.

Try out the demo for Ruby Hunter to get a glimpse of the game! You can continue your progress in the full version if you decide to purchase the game.