RUBICON is a local multiplayer battle arena merging the simple fun of classic couch co-op with a few brand-new twists - figuratively and literally! As fans of head-to-head shooters from the late 90s and early 2000s, our vision is all about rekindling the appeal and nostalgia of playing a game with your buddies in the living room. RUBICON is jam-packed with exciting gameplay features purposefully designed to build an explosive party atmosphere where anything can happen and every round has something new and different. You might get, say, a powered-up shotgun that fires 15 massive missiles with a single trigger pull; on the other hand, you might find yourself pitted against an invisible enemy with a sniper rifle or an adversary whose protective shield's utility is hampered by the fact that he's ballooned to twice his original size. A new weapon every round and a new special modifier after each point means hours upon hours of good old-fashioned fun.FEATURES
  • Splitscreen couch PvP action for 2 or 4 players
  • A randomized, constantly shuffling arena with over 40 quintillion possible configurations
  • A deeply seductive and context-responsive announcer with over 400 recorded dialogues
  • 12 unique and stacking gameplay modifiers, from supercharged bullets to health vampirism
  • 6 randomly assigned and tactically distinct weapons, from shotguns to missile launchers
  • Full Remote Play Together and Parsec support
DISCORDWe're always looking for feedback and suggestions. Join our Discord server to chat with developers and fans!RULES OF ENGAGEMENT