Have you ever dreamed about leaving everything behind and setting out on epic road trip across the United States? Get a budget, build your car and make your dream come true! Try to survive in the most famous road in the world!

ROUTE 66 SIMULATOR is a car building, fixing, and driving survival adventure. Earn money for food, gas, car parts, motels, and everything that will allow you to survive in the long journey. Make cash by doing simple jobs and calculate your budget. There are various attractions and admission fees on the way.

ROUTE 66 SIMULATOR brings to life some amazing car driving and survival challenges on real American dangerous routes. Feel what it's like to put your hands on the controls of powerful V8 engine and explore beautiful 70s American landscapes and culture presented in a funny way.

Key features:
  • Detailed car driving simulation
  • Car Upgrading and repairing system
  • Survival system with player stats
  • Car traffic simulation
  • Random paying jobs
  • Shopping system
  • Dynamic weather system with day/night cycle

And much more!