It's 363 AD and a seemingly unstoppable tide of barbarian invaders is massing on the borders of a fractured Roman Empire. Choose to take control of the barbarian hordes and tear apart the world's mightiest ancient empire, or take command of massed Roman legions and change the course of history forever!

Barbarian Invasion is the new expansion to the million-selling, multi-award-winning PC strategy game Rome: Total War. Set in a time 200 years after the main campaign of Rome: Total War, Barbarian Invasion presents an entirely redrawn campaign map reflecting two centuries of change and turmoil across the Roman Empire.

Ten new playable factions have entered the fray - all with new buildings, units and technologies to exploit. The threats to Rome are as brutal as they are varied - from Sassanid war elephants and lethal Frank axe throwers to ferocious Hun riders.

The epic war to decide the fate of the world's grandest empire is now yours to control!


  • Redesigned campaign map reflects 200 years of change and turmoil.

  • Updated gameplay features the hordes, character loyalty and Roman civil wars. Barbarians can also relocate to a new homeland after losing their last settlement as a mass migration of the tribe.

  • Ten new playable factions come with an expanded barbarian tech tree, over 100 new battlefield units, new buildings, ancillary characters, vices and virtues, military commands, holy relics, new offices of state and much more!

  • Night battles: hugely atmospheric battles and combat effects with added tactical challenges.

  • Original battle AI and tactics: factions have distinct fighting styles - utilise shield walls with barbarian elites, confound cavalry with the schiltron defensive 'hedgehog' with spears, outflank and surprise defenders on bridges with swimming units, and much more….