Work together in a team of 3 to control various sub-systems of your ship to take down the enemy ship in a classic match of Deathmatch, or King of the Hill!

Navigate your ship's interior alongside your crewmates and take control of specific systems to turn the tide of battle. Control the ship's weapons and take down the enemy, or take charge of the shields and defend your crewmates. Each system can impact the battle, so make sure you are utilising each one! Also make sure you are keeping them in top shape: damaged systems are not as impactful as fully repaired ones.

Select from 3 different ships! "The Magpie", "The Stargazer" and "The Iron Rose". Each ship has it's own health, energy, and speed values so pick the right ship for the fight. Outfit your ship with a custom Bonus System. This is a special system to provide you an edge in compact, select from a variety of options such as the "Ship Teleporter", or even deploy an extra fighter to harass the enemy using the "Fighter Squad" bonus system!