Gangsters rule a dystopian Venice, making guards throughout it, protecting its leader and using his strength and privileges against the citizens.

Your objective is to kill The Jester, the mafia leader and try to ruin his gangster empire. You incarnate the character of Fio Buceri, an ex-secret agent, now turned into a bounty hunter. You have been paid to remove the mafia leader from the map but your previous encounters with the mafia are making it personal.

This is the setting for the last project of the senior class at FX Animation | Barcelona 3D & Film School. In this last project the students form an art team with a proper structure of a videogame studio. They not only take the role of environment artist or character artist, they also have production and direction responsibilities, whereas for the teachers we only support them in programming tasks and project guidance.

The game includes a short atmospheric experience and fully combat packed through 3 different levels:

  • Fio Bucceri's Safe House - The bounty hunter hideout where you will learn about your objectives.
  • The Venezian Streets - You will have to fight your way through the canals to the mafia base.
  • The Theatre - The Robot Mafia base. The place where you finally stop the mafia business for good.

In this adventure you will have at your disposal 4 different weapons:

  • Energy Revolver - A powerful weapon packed in a tiny form factor, deadly if well used.
  • The Tommy Gun - Robots still like this kind of emblematic weapon, but be careful and don't waste your ammunition.
  • The Shotgun - Perfect for confronting your enemies at close distances.
  • The Machine Gun - Be aware because the Robot Mafia got its hand in military grade weaponry. Use it wisely if you are able to use one.

Also be aware of your environment, we don't know why but the Robot Mafia started to distribute explosives through the city, you may use them to your advantage. But please be careful, venezian citizens weren't able to close their business properly, try not to destroy their properties, even if it is oddly satisfying to watch their storefronts crumble into pieces.