Rise of Hegemony is a strategy game inspired by great games such as Civilization and Victoria. Triumph over your neighbours by successfully managing your country economically, diplomatically and militarily. The path to global hegemony is up to you.
  • Subdue your enemies by pure military force.
  • Forge alliances and diplomatic pacts to be part of an unstoppable coalition.
  • Educate your people to eclipse your rivals technologically.
  • Become an economic powerhouse and make other nations dependant on your resources.
In-depth economyRise of Hegemony features an in-depth economical system where every province contains a discrete number of people that all need resources to survive and thrive. Lacking access to sufficient amounts of critical goods such as food will cause your population to starve. Without access to weaponry your soldiers will be woefully unprepared to face enemies in battle. Trading with other countries is important, being dependant on them is perilous.Build up your countryStarting as a fledgling country the way you want to conduct yourself on the world stage is up to you. Acting peacefully and benevolent has its benefits, but sometimes a more warlike approach is a quicker way to achieve your goals...Randomly generated worldsEven with the same strategy every game can take a vastly different course when the world looks different and countries will develop distinctively depending on their starting conditions.ModdabilityRise of Hegemony leaves a lot of room for mods to expand on the game. Do you prefer to focus on a certain time period? Perhaps a fantasy setting is more to your liking? The possibilities for alternative scenarios are plenty!