Immerse yourself into the Giza Sphinx and Great Pyramid — one of the last seven wonders of the ancient world — and solve a Riddle of megalithic proportions.
Riddle of the Sphinx™ is truly an epic ancient Egyptian adventure featuring exploration in and around highly accurate 3d replicas of the Giza Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Cheops (aka, Khufu). While you start out at the Sphinx and can examine the inside of the Great Pyramid as it exists today, this is only the beginning of a long journey that reveals and solves many real-life archaeological mysteries.

You will be the one to make these exciting finds, and ultimately solve the Riddle of the Sphinx™! But you must be careful. Your choices matter. The ancient Egyptians went to great lengths to keep others from finding the secrets and solving the Riddle.

Decode ancient puzzles designed to thwart 2,500-year-old tomb robbers. And explore secret chambers, discover hidden tombs, unearth ancient relics, and unravel an ancient Riddle, entombed for centuries by the ancient Egyptians!

Riddle of the Sphinx™ features:

  • Hours of challenging game play
  • Complex puzzles and subtly hidden clues to challenge your skills
  • Beautifully rendered 3D environments scenes with meticulous attention to detail
  • An original, richly orchestrated Egyptian soundtrack
  • Over 50 million square feet of exploration
  • Closed-Captioning for hearing impaired